Who we are

Formed in 2019, we look to build a culture of creativity and innovation across a variety of industries. By working with a diverse community of partners, we seek to make connections and drive collaboration both vertically within an organization, as well as horizontally across teams, brands, and industries.

We are dedicated to creating a diverse and innovative business community, bringing a wide array of disciplines together to collaborate in new ways.

What we do

We partner with companies across a wide array of disciplines to help build this community. We also provide our "Business Development Package" to help new companies get started and focus on what truly matters, their product.

Being a small business owner can be difficult, but also extremely rewarding! Too often this experience can leave you feeling overwhelmed or isolated, but you don't have to go it alone. We want to bring people together so that they can invent and share as a community.

Why RelativeBlue?

Being a small business allows you freedom and agility but at the cost of having resources readily available. Partnering with us gives you the many advantages of being a part of a larger organization without the loss of autonomy.

RelativeBlue gives you access to the resources you need to succeed in the growing competitive world.

For more information contact us at contact@relativeblue.com